Toy Story Costumes – Dress Up As Buzz Lightyear Or Woody

Years after the movies became a blockbuster hit, Woody and Buzz Lightyear remain in the hearts and minds of young fans, enough to make them popular birthday party themes. Whether it’s a western-inspired or cowboys and Indians party, costumes from Toy Story will surely make your little tyke a big hit with friends at the birthday gathering.

Check out the wide selection of authentic-looking Toy Story costumes for kids of all ages and the kids at heart in numerous online stores. Here are a few options for dressing up as one of the beloved characters:

1. Dressing Up as Woody
Even toddlers have bodysuits, hats and booties designed to look like Woody, the cowboy toy who springs to life and figures in numerous adventures with his friends. For the budget-constrained, Toy Story costumes like Woody can be put together by scrounging for a yellow shirt, blue jeans, black and vest, a cowboy hat and brown cowboy boots. Add a red bandana and insert a toy pistol in a holster and your little impersonator is off to his cowboy costume party.

2. Dressing Up as Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear outfits usually involve a little more creativity. A Buzz Lightyear costume usually comes with a white bodysuit, green chest piece, purple hood and white boots. To accomplish this look on your own, you will need snug fitting white sweat pants and sweat shirt. Next you could fashion a green chest piece out of cardboard and construction paper. Lastly, use the sleeve from an XXL long sleeve purple t-shirt for the hood.

If you end up hosting such themed birthday parties the next time around, brighten up your kid’s special day by donning any of the Toy Story costumes you may purchase online. You could wear an adult Woody outfit consisting of a jumpsuit with printed shirt and belt, vest with golden sheriff star and boot covers.

Most online merchants include a complementary handkerchief and cowboy hat to complete the trademark Woody look. Or make your kid’s day by gearing up in an adult Buzz Lightyear costume that will surely lead you “to infinity and beyond!”

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