Toy Story Costumes – 8 Of The Best For Children

The Toy Story movie and franchise is very popular amongst children and for great reason, that is, they are brilliant. Even as an adult they slot right in to some of my most enjoyable movies, especially the last movie, just so good, very entertaining. But for kids, these movies hit a totally higher level with their imaginations and enthusiasm, and dressing up like their Toy Story characters and heroes is a big deal

The three movies have introduced us to a lot of memorable characters, which is fantastic, because not only does it give us a wide choice of costumes, but it also helps our kids have an unique look and not clash with other children, and is also great if you have more than one child, with so many great characters to choose from, keeping each child happy should be a little easier.

Here are the best Toy Story costume ideas available online

No8 Hamm

Hamm, also known as Hamm the Piggy Bank, is wise cracking realist and has a cork in his belly instead of the original stopper. This is a cute, three dimensional piggy costume and is made for little girls.

No7 Squeeze Toy Aliens

Aka. The Little Green Men are a bunch of three eyed space aliens who were pizza promotional toys that worship and believe that “The Claw” will choose one of them and bring them to a better place. The costumes are excellent looking and come from adorable toddler size to child size and are full jump suits and headpieces.

No6 Bo Peep

Bo Peep is a sweet and lovable porcelain figurine who is the love interest and girlfriend of Woody. All little girls love this stunning look, the dress is magnificent and very cute and comes with a lovely hat and staff.

No5 Rex

The large hilarious green plastic Tyrannosaurs Rex who suffers from anxiety and is always worried he is not scary enough, bless! This is an unique child’s costume, a perfect fit for both boy or girl and comes in toddler or child sizes, definitely an unique look.

No 4 Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear the space ranger is a very popular costume. He is brave and courageous and believes everybody should follow the rules in the way they live their lives, a perfect role model for any child. These costumes are amazing. What child does not like to be in a space suit, especially Buzz Light years, and they come in very adorable toddler sizes to child sizes large and small.

No3 Sheriff Woody

Woody is really the main character of these movies and is an old fashioned pull-string Cowboy doll. His costume is probably the most sought after of all the costumes, very popular indeed. All little boys love dressing up as Cowboys, we still do. The Woody infant costumes are just stunning and adorable and the child jumpsuit and hat is perfect for all grown little boys to race around in a cowboy fantasy.

No2 Jesse The Yodeling Cowgirl

Jesse is my favorite character( I’m sure we all have our favorites) and she is just so loveable, brave, athletic, loyal and always full of energy. At the time of the release of Toy Story 2, her toy was the No1 selling toy that year, that is saying a lot. Her costumes are extremely popular too and again come in toddler sizes and child sizes, and liitle girls just go crazy for this look.

No1 Sarge The Green Army Man

Sarge for me is number one, mainly because of the costume. It is striking and quirky, completely unique and would make any child stand out at any Halloween or fancy dress party. Sarge been a brave and disciplined soldier, is perfect for any full of energy child, boy or girl and with the green jump suit, Helmet and green face paint, wins hand down for been the most unique and outrageous costume.

So as you can see from these examples, the amount of choice from the Toy Story movies for Halloween costumes for children is vast and exciting, and easy to access online these days, and with this great choice, you and your child are sure to have a fantastic unique Halloween experience.

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